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Escape Game 50 Rooms 1 Walkthrough – Level 24

Escape Game 50 Rooms takes you to a lush room full of beautiful decoration pieces and furniture. The room is lighting up with dim light and the combination of colors and furniture is mind-blowing. Start finding objects following the Guide Escape Game 50 Rooms 1 Walkthrough.

  • Tap on the table to collect a knife from below it.
  • Select the knife from your inventory and give a cut to the sofa as mentioned in the image of Escape Game 50 Rooms Walkthrough level 24, and collect a rod.
  • Open the cupboard available near the front wall and collect another rod.
  • Select the first rod, visit the door available on the left side of the room to bring out a key from below the door. Now, you have to use the key to open the door.
  • Select the 2nd rod and remove the cover of the commode seat and collect a handle.
  • Choose the handle from your inventory and fix it on the drawer where you discover a digital locker.
  • Enter the code (7463) to open the drawer and collect a card key to escape the room.

Геймплей и особенности игрушки

Игрушка Побег игра: 50 комната 3 предлагает классический подход к организации геймплея, согласно которому игрок должен умело взаимодействовать с окружающими его объектами в комнате для того, чтобы в конечном итоге найти выход с локации – и… попасть на следующую.

Вероятно, что на первый взгляд это звучит не очень впечатляюще. Ведь нет ни экшна, ни головокружительных погонь…

Однако игра берет отнюдь не этим. Она предназначена для неторопливого и вдумчивого прохождения. Возможно, растянутого на несколько дней. Придется самым тщательным образом проанализировать окружающую обстановку в комнате, продумать каждый свой шаг и его последствия для того, чтобы добиться нужного результата.

Обычно грубым тыком в подобного рода играх ничего не решается. Ведь взаимодействовать с объектами необходимо в строгой последовательности. Конечно, можно просмотреть прохождение в Интернете. Но подарит ли это действительно тот самый незабываемый вкус успеха?..

Игроку предлагается множество последовательно решаемых головоломок в 50 различных локациях. Каждая из них отлично прорисована и детализирована. Это современные жилые помещения и древние строения.

Определенно данную игру стоит скачать и опробовать каждому любителю жанра. Успех доказывается многочисленными положительными отзывами об игре. Она, в свою очередь, предлагает плюсы в виде:

  • Постепенно возрастающей сложности головоломок – чтобы начинающие игроки не потеряли сразу интерес ко всему происходящему;
  • Качественной реалистичной графикой, что вместе с атмосферной озвучкой поспособствует глубине погружения в этот мир;
  • Интерактивных объектов в комнатах, с которыми можно и нужно умело взаимодействовать.

Настоятельно не рекомендуется пропустить эту игру, если первые две части вам пришлись по душе.

Escape Game 50 Rooms 1 Walkthrough – Level 6

The game unlocks another room to solve a tricky puzzle. This time, it seems you are in an old house that hasn’t been opened for many years. Following the steps mentioned in Escape Game: 50 Rooms 1 Walkthrough to keep unlocking other rooms.

  • Pick up the pillow to grab and add the head of the hammer to your inventory
  • The handle is kept below the pillow available on the bed, and your next goal is to prepare a hammer by connecting both pieces
  • Use the hammer to break the locker and find security keys to open it
  • Investigate the painting containing three gems and the cupboard next to the bed having colorful blocks, as well as the image above the cupboard to reveal the code 535
  • Use the key to open the door and escape

Escape Game 50 Rooms 1 Walkthrough – Level 20

It seems you’re in any laboratory where experiments on robotic technology have been conducted. Your goal is to interact with those robots to find clues and reach the key to grab them.


  • Tap on a silver-colored doll to collect a DVD, don’t forget to remember the number written on the head
  • There’s a screen near the left wall, where you must tap on it to add the DVD and start playing a game asking you to set the robots’ faces according to the real standing ahead of you earlier this level.
  • Once done, start playing another game of the same type
  • Tap on the massive robot to reveal a system asking you to draw a pattern to unlock the safe and grab a rod
  • Use the rod to open the primary system of the door where the game requests you to enter three-digit code 957


Before jumping into the game, ask a question yourself that do you have enough guts to embark on an escape mission because the game is something suspicious for you to reveal when you are trying to complete objectives. The artwork was great, and the game features thrilling sound effects that keep you engaged until all levels get achieved.

Moreover, each level represents a different environment and a series of objectives to find without knowing their names. A few hints may increase the difficulty of the level and takes you to the next level of challenging gameplay. Therefore, you should only jump when you know you have detective skills. Otherwise, you should find Escape Game: 50 Rooms 1 Walkthrough Guide for help.

50 Challenging Rooms

As the name implies, the game has fifty challenging rooms. Each room has a unique theme and appearance, as well as objects to interact with, for the completion of the task. During the game, you can’t see your character like other Hidden Object games but can interact with the room using the protagonist’s perspective.

Furthermore, exploration of the room takes place from a first-person viewpoint, and using the intuitive controls; you can zoom in and out to investigate the scene properly so not a single item will miss out from your eyes. At the start, except for the first one, all rooms are locked and require you to complete the previous one to be unlocked. Therefore, you should meet the requirements for each one to move to the next scene.

Graphics and Sound Effects

Escape Game: 50 Rooms 1 comes with lush graphics and great sound effects. The soundtrack is perfectly designed according to the gameplay, and will never distract your attention during the gameplay. Playing soft music in the background would give you a pleasant pleasure, although it won’t help you complete challenging objectives. Nevertheless, it seems that both graphics and music of the game are made for each other, and to entertain you. Leave your stressful life for a while, join the protagonist on an escape adventure to find a way to go back home.

Hint System

Similar to other Hidden Object games, it features a hint system that will only help you for a limited time. You can easily see how many times you can use the hint system to highlight the object in the room visits the right-bottom-corner of your screen. The small section will display a digit to reveal how many hints are in your system to use.

Escape Game 50 Rooms 1 Walkthrough – Level 7

The next scene makes you feel like you’re in pyramids where secret rooms hold a lot of golden statues and something writing in traditional language.

  • Click on the shelf available right before the first statue holding a box to get a screwdriver
  • Tap on the wall of your right-hand-side to open the box and collect a duck and a hammer
  • Before the first box, there’s another with a statue that holds a duck paw
  • There’s a pot kept before the golden statue of your right-hand-side that you need to break using the hammer and collect pieces
  • Now, collect the first statue available on a wall of your left-hand-side, where you discover a locker requiring a four-digit code. Click on a paper piece you gathered after breaking the pot, written numbers in Arabic letters, 1523
  • Add the number and collect a statue of a bird
  • Tap on the main door, add all statues/objects you have gathered by solving puzzles to the door and escape

Escape Game 50 Rooms 1 Walkthrough – Level 16

For sure, you have noticed the difficulty level that is gradually increasing and bringing challenging puzzles to solve. Newbies will indeed find themselves in trouble after reaching the high levels. In contrast, those who master finding hidden objects may feel difficulty finding objects because the game isn’t displaying the names of the items you need to see to open the door. Therefore, we jump in to help you guys by offering the perfect Walkthrough of Escape Game: 50 Rooms 1 Guide.

  • Click on the table to collect pins and a bolt
  • Tap on a world map like object available nearby the front wall to collect a drawer handle and a coin
  • Visit the left-hand side wall to open the drawer and find an object like a screwdriver
  • Use the pins to open the door of the bathroom and place the missing drawer handle, put the bolt, and use the screwdriver to tight it
  • Put the cap on the lock and open the drawer to collect a towel and a spray bottle
  • Clean the mirror to reveal the code 7649
  • Tap on the cupboard of brown in color where a locker is available, enter the code you got from the mirror and get a keycard

Спастись из заточения при прохождении «501 free new escape games»

Игра «501 free new escape games» — это игра-головоломка от разработчика «Hidden Fun Games» с пятью сотнями разнообразных уровней. Каждый такой уровень предстаёт в виде закрытого помещения, из которого вам будет необходимо найти выход. В упомянутом помещении находится огромное количество предметов, которые предстоит отыскать и правильно использовать. В конечном счёте вы откроете двери удерживающего вас помещения и выберитесь наружу.

Если вы застряли на каком-либо из 501 уровней, под экраном присутствует кнопка «Намёк». Это подсказка, которая покажет вам, где искать следующий предмет. Такая подсказка стоит ровно пять монет, которые вы можете заработать за проход уровня, а также купить за реальные деньги (50 игровых монет стоят 1$).

Используйте кнопку «Намёк» для получения подсказки

Ну а если вы не можете пройти какой-либо этап игры, тогда предлагаем вам прохождение головоломки «501 free new escape games».

Escape Game 50 Rooms 1 Walkthrough – Level 19

After completing eighteen rooms, you find yourself between ancient items like masks, rare paintings, furniture, and an armor suit. The game features a piano and many other instruments to keep you engaged for endless hours of fun. Explore the environment to discover objects, analyze them to find clues, and get out of the room to head to the next scenes.

  • Click on the piano to collect a piece of the puzzle from the right side of the painting and a key
  • Tap on the masks available on the front wall to gather the 2nd piece of the puzzle
  • Click on the statue of an animal coming out of the wall of your right-hand side, and collect the third piece of the puzzle over there
  • Use the key to open the drawer of the table kept near the right wall where you obtain a cutter
  • Below the drawer, there’s a cupboard holding the last piece of the puzzle
  • Click on the paper to reveal the code 2509
  • Enter the code to open the box that reveals a tablet asking you to draw a pattern to make it unlocked
  • Figure out the painting hanging on the wall to learn the arrangement of colors
  • Draw the same color on the tablet to reveal that the armor suit has a key to the door

Escape Game 50 Rooms 1 Walkthrough – Level 12

Have you ever seen any bike within a room? If yes, the moment has come when you discover a bicycle in the room. The game introduces a lush room having beautiful furniture and many other rare items. Complete the puzzle to unlock other rooms to escape the mansion.

  • Visit the bed where you discover a white-colored teddy bear
  • Pick up the teddy bear to collect keys
  • Lift the pillow to gather a battery from there, and the 2nd battery is available between the cupboard and the dustbin
  • Open the first drawer to collect a cassette
  • Tap on the wood-colored cupboard, open the drawer to reveal a recorder, insert batteries, and hit the on the button to display the code which is 8659
  • The cupboard has a locker requiring a four-digit password to get opened. Enter the code 8659 to open it for a screwdriver
  • Open the left part of the cupboard and make use of a screwdriver to unlock the box that tasks you with finding the colors of the said objects
  • Collect a marker available near the 2nd tire of the bicycle
  • Use the marker to draw something on a whitepaper to reveal the color of the flower
  • Adjust the color of drawings in the locker to get keys to the door

Escape Game 50 Rooms 1 Walkthrough – Level 21

Similar to other rooms, there are many items, furniture, and objects available to find. Reveal your detective skills to find everything objects within no time; otherwise, you will keep finding things, and the day will pass.

  • Click on the bed to find a SIM card below the pillow
  • Under the bed, there is a handle of a screwdriver
  • Click on the table to collect a cellular phone
  • Insert the SIM card into the mobile phone and turn it on to receive updates: Calls 2, Messages 5, and Updates 8
  • Click on the locker available above the PC and add the code you revealed on the phone 258 and collect a key
  • Use the key to open the first drawer of the cupboard available at your left-hand side and collect the 2nd part of a screwdriver
  • Complete the screwdriver, and start your search for a moon and a star available on opposing shelves
  • Open the frame to bring the stick out and add it to your inventory
  • Use the stick to bring another star out from a deep hole available in the wall
  • Tap on the scenery and collect a ranch
  • Visit the last drawer of the cupboard, use the ranch to open the bolt, and collect a box from there
  • Add the objects you found to open the box and have a key to the main door

Escape Game 50 Rooms 1 Walkthrough – Level 14

It seems there’s something mysterious happened in room no 14. Therefore, you aren’t allowed to spend a lot of time over there. Find a solution as soon as possible and escape after finding a key to the door.

  • The first key of any locker or drawer you will discover under the cushion
  • Pick up a paper from an ashtray and use the key to open the drawer of the cupboard where you find a marker
  • Hit the book section to obtain a memory card
  • There’s a diary nearby the laptop; keep the diary aside and use the marker to reveal the letters
  • Collect a USB from the drawer of the same table, insert the card to the USB and connect it with the laptop
  • Open the paper you had collected from the ashtray and enter the code following the pattern drawn on it 1961
  • Next to that, the game displays you a mini-game to play wherein you have to find differences between two same images
  • Once done, the game shows you a code 313 that you have to type in the locker available in the same table
  • Collect the key from the first drawer and open the door to escape

Escape Game: 50 Rooms 1 Walkthrough Level 1

The first level takes place in a rough room where only a few objects are available, including TV, Boxes, Outer, and pipelines. You don’t need to worry, as the game has designed the first level for teaching. The game in itself will highlight items you have to gather, and also teach you how to merge found objects and solve puzzles, and use a hint system when in any difficulty.

  • Firstly you have to collect the first part of a screwdriver from an outer
  • Screwdriver’s second is kept next to the TV
  • Thirdly connect both parts to complete the screwdriver, and open the screws of 1P to grab a remote and cable
  • Connect the cable with the TV and turn it on using the remote
  • Upon getting on, the TV will display you a pattern that you have to draw somewhere to open the door
  • Your last objective in the first room is to find the locker to draw the pattern and open the door. The lock is hidden behind the pipelines
  • But before, you must use the screwdriver to open the 2P and rotate the switches to draw the same pattern

Escape Game 50 Rooms 1 Walkthrough – Level 11

A room with blue-colored walls and lots of briefcases are ready to welcome you with a new puzzle to complete. Step into the room to solve a mystery, because you have to escape at any cost, but it can’t be done without completing challenging tasks. Therefore, follow the instructions mentioned in Escape Games 50 Rooms 1 Walkthrough to deal with all challenging tasks.

  • Click on the guitar to make it aside and collect the handles of the plier
  • Tap on the 2nd floor of the bed to grab a plier and add it to your inventory
  • Connect both parts of the plier you collected to prepare it
  • There’s a small paper hidden behind the board fixed on the wall of your left-hand side; your goal is to collect it
  • Use the plier to open the briefcase available on the floor and remember the color of the cubes
  • The game features a board above the bed having different colors, and it requires you to adjust the colors according to the cubes
  • Open the locker to collect perfume and keep the pillow aside to collect the 2nd piece of the paper
  • Spray the perfume to the paper you collected to reveal the code 0745
  • Set the number on an alarm clock and get a key to open the door

Escape Game 50 Rooms 1 Walkthrough – Level 3

The third level takes you to another room where you find beautiful furniture, painting, and a laptop. The primary task is the same as the previous stages – escape the room to visit the next stages.

  • Firstly of all pick up the yellow-colored pillow from the sofa to grab a key
  • Use the key to open the drawer for a DVD
  • Explore the first painting hanging on the wall of your left-hand-side to reveal the numbers like 7394
  • Insert the DVD to the laptop and enter the password you discovered from the painting to open
  • Next to that, the game displays you a pattern on the screen that you must follow and draw on the locker to open for the primary key
  • Grab the key to open the door and escape

Escape Game 50 Rooms 1 Walkthrough – Level 13

Get ready to explore the TV Lounge, where dozens of items are available, along with beautiful sceneries. Similar to other rooms, keys will be in your hands upon completing the puzzles. Therefore, you should find hidden objects in the form of clues, analyze them to confirm where to use them, and reach the end to escape.

  • Start finding objects by watching a wire cutter under the table
  • Open the drawer of the cupboard fixed in the front wall nearby the door to collect a bottle opener
  • Use the cutter from your inventory to break the locker of the box and collect a paper
  • Click on the painting hanging on the front wall to make it aside and grab a key from the secret spot
  • Use the key to open the door to another room, head to the bottle, and use the opener to remove the cap to collect another paper
  • Find and add both values written on the papers, and use the final answer to open locker 5787 to grab a keycard

Escape Game 50 Rooms 1 Walkthrough – Level 15

As level 15 starts, you find yourself standing within a room made up of wood. Following the footsteps of previous rooms, you can expect the same kind of puzzle to solve. In the game, you have limited hints; therefore, you should think twice before using one.

  • At your left-hand side, there’s a global map available, and you need to remove it to discover drawing of objects
  • Click on the first cupboard at your right-hand side, and open the locker drawing the same objects you discovered under the map
  • After opening the drawer, you will discover a metallic ball
  • Put the ball on the weight machine to reveal how much weight it has and note the weight and the letter X written nearby the machine
  • Keep all the books aside to reveal the formula written on a small paper
  • The scenery on the front wall is protected with a wooden frame; collect the frame and add it to your inventory to use later
  • Put the wooden frame to another scenery of the sun and reveal how many white-colored dots the sun has
  • The game has featured a mini-game on the floor for you to follow the pattern of dots that appeared on the scenery of the sun
  • After drawing the pattern, the game will reveal a secret spot holding a ruler for you to grab
  • Click on the blackboard, but the ruler over there, and try to find the value of x and y
  • Tap on the drawer after finding values and enter the values of x, y, and z to get a key to the door

Escape Game: 50 Rooms 1 Walkthrough – Level 2

After leaving the rough room, you find yourself standing in a lush and well-decorated room. There are a cupboard and a pot available nearby the main door, and your goal is to find objects and solve a puzzle to escape. Displaying no name of any items you intend to find makes the game more challenging to play.

  • Collect a key from the plant pot and head to the cupboard to open its drawer to collect a paper
  • See what’s written on the paper, and type the same letters on the laptop available at your left-hand side on a table nearby the office chair
  • In the next scene, you will see the number 1886 on the laptop screen
  • Visit the cupboard once again, open its first door where you find a locker having a dial. Enter the number you got on the laptop’s screen to open it for the key card of the door

Escape Game 50 Rooms 1 Walkthrough – Level 23

It seems you’re in a kitchen full of objects and challenging items. Different furniture and stuff are there to interact with, and you must tap on the screen randomly to discover clues and solve puzzles.

  • Collect a matchbox by removing cushions from a sofa
  • Visit the cupboard below the stove, open the drawer and pick up an air pressure pump
  • Tap on the floor, use the pump to fill the air in the football, and remember the order of colors displaying you via stars
  • Once again, visit the cupboard below the stove, open the locker and adjust the color according to the stars seen on the football
  • Open the drawer to collect a magnet
  • There’s a stick under the sofa, and you must connect the magnet with that stick to bring a button out of a drum
  • Place the button in the drawer of the stove and pick up a cup from there
  • Collect a box of coffee from the shelf available above the stove and add to your inventory
  • Put the coffee in the pot using the box and make fire using the matchbox
  • Fill the cup with coffee and collect a paper from the table
  • Put the coffee in another cup on the table, use the tissue to clean the cup for the code you need 7164
  • The game places a locker nearby the stove table, and it asks you to put the code got from inside the cup to open it
  • As the box opens, the game lets you head to a mini-game, in which you have to match two similar fruits to progress
  • After that, the game gives you a key to the door to escape
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