Лучшие моды для grand theft auto v

Euphoria Ragdoll Overhaul

Ragdoll physics is how video games animate deaths — as in how a character’s body moves in relation to their environment when they die or get injured. This mod improves ragdoll physics in GTA V, so check it out if you’re sick of seeing Michael literally bend over backwards and dislocate approximately 3 joints after merely taking a fall.

Why Euphoria Ragdoll Overhaul is fun: 

  • There’s still much to be desired regarding GTA V’s ragdoll physics, so this is a fix for that
  • Deaths and accidents are very common in the game, and this mod allows for much more realistic movement for when a character gets in an accident in the way their body reacts to the environment
  • How characters’ bodies drop and how their limbs move is significantly improved

LA Revo 2.0

The mod likens Los Santos’ in-game details more into its real life equivalent, the bustling city of Los Angeles. There are a lot of stores & establishments in the game that are inaccessible, and brands & advertising in GTA V are often just puns (haha gruppe sechs) and parodies of American consumerism. This mod takes all that and replaces it with real life stores and brands, and while the modded version of the stores & establishments are still inaccessible, it adds a nice environmental touch.

Why LA Revo 2.0 is fun:

  • Places real-life brands/franchises into the in-game establishments, signs, and  billboards (i.e. Simeon’s car dealership is replaced with a Toyota dealership)
  • Adds a touch of real life by imitating the Los Angeles cityscape 
  • If you’ve never been to LA, it’s almost like a virtual video game tour

Advanced Fuel Mod

You want realism, sometimes it means adding something that kind of slows down your gaming experience (I’m looking at you, Red Dead Redemption 2). In Grand Theft Auto V, cars technically  have infinite fuel, so you never have to worry about your tank getting empty for those long rides from Los Santos to Grapeseed. This mod changes that, and allows for a more realistic driving experience, where you run out of fuel and occasionally have to stop for gas. Yep, you wanted realism, you got it.

Why Advanced Fuel Mod is fun: 

  • For those ticked off by cars in the game having unlimited fuel, this mod is for you
  • Having to stop for gas when you’re just casually exploring the state of San Andreas makes your gaming experience a lot more casual
  • Perfect for when you’re not in the mood to wreak havoc in the game and just wanna go for a drive, act like a law-abiding citizen and follow traffic rules (we’ve all done that!)

Better Chases+

With this mod, the way police respond to your character just got a whole lot better. It’s nearly impossible to freeroam in the game and resist the urge to run over a couple peds or maybe knock someone wearing a cap out so you can see their headwear fly off their head, so people who enjoy trying to outrun the police will definitely enjoy this mod.

Why Better Chases+ is fun:

  • Adds a police identification system, improving the game’s “Wanted” feature 
  • Police response is more appropriate to crimes committed
  • Refined police AI in pursuing the wanted character i.e. if you successfully evade the police, being spotted by one of the boys in blue can result in them recognizing you and reinstating your wanted level

Natural Vision Evolved

Of course, a list of realism mods just isn’t complete without a graphics upgrade mod. NaturalVision Evolved works extremely well with ray tracing, and introduces changes to the game’s lighting, reflections, ambient colours, textures, etc. It turns the base GTA V game into something that looks like it’s a game about to be released in the future. 

Why NaturalVision Evolved is fun:

  • It’s arguably the best graphic update you could give the game
  • Builds on GTA V’s already impressive visual setpiece, making the game almost lifelike 
  • The way the light bounces off puddles, windows, and cars provide a whole new experience from the base game
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